Chutemasters Schedule in Jupiter Bay

Dear Jupiter Bay Owners,

As you may know, our Community is annually inspected by the County Fire Dept. to make sure that we are in compliance with all local and county codes related to Life and Safety Issues. Currently, I am happy to report that we are in good standing with a majority of the inspector’s findings.  In order to remain in compliance,  it is wise to have the dryer vent riser common lines cleaned and any and all lint removed. This will not only provide better efficiency for your dryer, but will also help reduce your energy consumption, and more importantly help to prevent any lint fires at the back sides of your dryers.

ChuteMaster will require access to all 8 units on the 5th floor of each building, as well as, all 8 units on the first floor of each building in order to access the common vent riser. In order to facilitate efficiency to complete this project, if you are not here to provide access someone from Jupiter Bay Maintenance staff will give access to Chute Masters to your unit.  ChuteMasters will perform the needed task to complete the maintenance of the common vent riser.

Additionally, ChuteMaster is requesting that, prior to their arrival, washer and dryer areas are completely cleared of personal belongings or obstructions of any kind that would prevent them from being able to move the dryer. They will not be responsible for moving anything other than the dryer. So please make arrangements.

ChuteMaster’s staff will be wearing masks when entering any unit, keeping in compliance with all CDC guidelines and recommendations.

The schedule for these services will be September 21th thru 23rd, beginning at 9:30 A.M. Starting with building A-East on the 9/21/20 then B-East on 9/22/20 and then finishing up with building C-East on 9/23/20.

Jupiter Bay Homeowners Association News. Retrieved 2020-09-20.