East Resurfacing Project at Jupiter Bay

The repairs of the east parking lot will commence on January 15th.  If you have pink paint in or around your parking space, please have your car moved to allow access to the area for repair.  The resurfacing will be done in two stages beginning on the 25th.  The south side, including buildings D, A and part of the lot for B will be first.  Cars will need to be moved prior to 7 am on the 25th from these areas.   You can park on the North side of the east lot.  It will take at least two days for the surface to cure, so there will be no driving on the new surface during that period.  The second stage will begin on the 28th.  This will include the remainder of the lot for B, C and long term parking area.  If you have a car in long term parking, please make arrangements to have it moved prior to 7 am on the 28th.   

Jupiter Bay Homeowners Association News. Retrieved 2021-01-06