Elevator Shut Down in Jupiter Bay Property Management

At the directive of the Otis Elevator Company, we must shutdown the elevator operations prior to the storm to prevent damage to the elevators and to avoid having someone trapped in the elevator should there be a power outage, in which case, a speedy rescue would not be likely to occur. Failure to shut down elevators can result in severe damage caused by short circuits from wet circuitry, or voltage surges, spikes or dips.   Even though there is a back-up generator for the East side, Otis Elevator highly recommends that those elevators still be shutdown during the storm. After the storm, Otis instructed that the back-up generator and its gas supply for the East side elevators should be used sparingly. Whether or not the shutting down of the elevators was put into effect during previous hurricanes, this is the safest practice as stressed by Otis Elevators, who are the experts.   It may take weeks to complete elevator repairs after a major storm.  The last thing we want to happen is to have the residents without elevator service longer than necessary. 

Please understand with the storm arriving by the end of the weekend, the maintenance and management team that services our property must have enough time to prepare their own homes for this major storm.  Preparations must be completed before outer bands start to arrive in the area or it will be too late to secure the property.  For the safety of our staff and their families we must allow them to prepare their homes for this major hurricane. 

As soon as it is safe to be on the road, the management team and maintenance team will be out to assess damage and will start up the elevators as soon as it is safe.

Jupiter Bay Property Management. Retrieved 2019-08-30.