Garage Parking Guidelines and Parking Decals at City Place South Tower

Your Management Team would like to remind all residents of the garage parking guidelines. Upon routine inspection of the garage floors, it has been observed that cars are being parked in the CPST garage that are not registered with the Management Office, and/or have no resident decal properly displayed in the windshield.
Please note all CPST residents are required to keep vehicle information and registrations current with the Management Office. Your active participation with advising the Management Office of new vehicles, vehicle details, and license plate number changes is highly appreciated.

In addition, please remember that all vehicles must have a CSPT parking decal. If you have recently purchased a new vehicle, you will need to obtain a new decal from the Management Office. Vehicles without a properly displayed decal are subject to be ticketed, and a violation will be issued accordingly. Consequently, unauthorized vehicles are subject to towing.

As a reminder, all CPST residents must have the most current contact information on file. This includes; mailing address, phone number, and email address . To further assist you, please email or contact the Management Office to update or verify your contact information.

CityPlace South Tower Association’s Property Management Team. Retrieved 2021-01-19.