Should I Furnish My Rental?

These days, if you live across the country, and have a rental property in Florida, you have access to property rental companies at the click of a button. The same goes for potential vacation rental guests; they easily have access to hundreds of vacation rental options via property management companies online. Property management companies can help you to rent your space quickly and efficiently while maintaining peace of mind, leaving you to think about the more critical issues, like how to create a space your clients will love.

When you own a vacation rental property one of the questions you might have is: should I furnish my rental property myself? The answer? The look and feel of your vacation rental should make an excellent first impression. Your rental’s interior decor can also attract return guests and garner great reviews. But it can be difficult to know where to start when decorating a space for other people. Read on for decor and furnishing tips that will wow your guests and keep them coming back.

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Keep the Style Minimal and Universally Appealing

You might be wondering how to furnish a vacation rental home. When you are furnishing a vacation rental home, it is best to choose a neutral and universally appealing style. You will have many different guests, and it is essential to provide a space that will feel both comfortable and streamlined. Keeping to a neutral or minimal style is a good idea because it will appeal to most visitors.

However, you also want to make sure that your space does not feel like a hotel. Choose a decor that is comfortable and welcoming, but not cluttered. For example, you may want to select furnishings in a neutral color like grey or beige as opposed to a stronger statement piece like a red couch. If you’re looking to add some personality to the room, invest in some fun decor items like pillows which can add some subtle character to the room without being too overwhelming. Remember, your clients are there for vacation, so when you are considering how to furnish a vacation rental home you want your decor to reflect a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

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Add Small Touches of Personality

When considering whether you should furnish your vacation rental home, you might have a vision for how to design your space for guests, but maybe you need a little help knowing how to add personality to the area without being too much.

The living room makes the first impression when guests walk into the space. Make sure to create an area that is welcoming. Consider adding pieces of local art. If you are in Florida, try to capture the essence of the beautiful beaches and warm weather with pictures of the sea and sand. When choosing a couch, think about getting a sofa bed; this will maximize sleeping space for your guests, especially those traveling with family.

Bedrooms are one of the more important rooms in a rental space. Invest in quality beds and bedding to make sure your guests are content with their sleeping arrangements. The bedroom should be relaxing, so try to minimize clutter and keep it clean.

Short term rentals are appealing to people because of the access to a kitchen. Provide all kitchen essentials from cutlery to a coffeemaker and even Tupperware. Cleaning items are also always a nice touch.

Bathrooms are also an area that can leave a lasting impression. Leave your guests feeling fresh with soft fluffy towels and complimentary toiletries. Don’t forget a brush and hairdryer.

Vacation rentals are more comfortable to market than ever due to the help of property management companies available in the online world. Manage your property at a distance with FPB Investment Properties Inc., so you can focus on the essential aspects, like creating a welcoming and memorable space for your guests. Vacation rental specialists can also help you to furnish your rental property.