Hurricane Dorian-Recomendations for Residents Jupiter Bay Property Management

Dear Jupiter Bay Residents,   

 As you know, the Hurricane Season has been upon us since June 1st. Now Hurricane Dorian, a major hurricane, is approaching the east coast of Florida with predictions of landfall sometime between Sunday and Monday afternoon. All of the Jupiter Bay Condominium Association Staff, under the direction of Allison Waldmen, Property Manager, have been working very diligently over the past several days to ensure hurricane preparedness initiatives are in effect for our condominium property.

     Please be reminded of important Safety Measures that can minimize damages and potential harm to yourselves and others. It is wise to remove any potential projectiles from your patios and on the walkways in front of your condo units, if you have not already done so.

     If you are residing at Jupiter Bay at anytime during hurricane season, you may also want to consider having a “Hurricane To-Go Bag” packed and ready with essentials, important papers, medications, snacks, canned foodstuff, and bottled water to last each person in your family for at least 3-5 days or more, if the need arises for a planned or unplanned evacuation. It is also prudent to have extra cash, a few changes of clothes, an extra phone charger, preferably solar-powered, a battery-powered radio, and a flashlight with extra batteries.

    The following Hurricane preparedness and recovery information may be found on the Information Page of the Association’s website that you may find helpful:

Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery Plan

Hurricane Supply List

Condominium Unit Damage Survey

Information on shelters in North Palm Beach County:

     Knowing the location and activation status of local shelters is an important part of your family’s hurricane plan. For information regarding shelters, please call the Division of Emergency Management at 561-712-6400.

The Jupiter area has two American Red Cross emergency designated shelters. Since we are still tracking Dorian’s path, the shelters are NOT currently activated.

The county also has a shelter for those with special needs. The special needs shelter is a facility with physicians and nurses on staff. It has auxiliary electrical power, is wind resistant, and not flood-prone. Please be aware that residents will need to register in advance, so if you think you may need to utilize this shelter, please view more information here.

The county also has a pet friendly shelter. This shelter also requires advance registration since space is limited. 

     Stay tuned to local media, the Town of Jupiter website at:  and Palm Beach County’s pages for shelter opening announcements. Additionally, the following schools may be activated as shelters should the need arise:

Independence Middle School: 4001 Greenway Drive, Jupiter

Palm Beach Gardens High School: 4245 Holly Drive, Palm Beach Gardens

  At the directive of the Otis Elevator Company, we must shutdown the elevator operations prior to the storm to prevent damage to the elevators and to avoid having someone trapped in the elevator should there be a power outage, in which case, a speedy rescue would not be likely to occur. Even though there is a back-up generator for the East side, Otis Elevator highly recommends that those elevators still be shutdown during the storm. After the storm, Otis instructed that the back-up generator and its gas supply for the East side elevators should be used sparingly. Whether or not the shutting down of the elevators was put into effect during previous hurricanes, this is the safest practice as stressed by Otis Elevators, who are the experts.  

     It is the intent of the Jupiter Bay Condominium Board of Directors that all residents, tenants, and staff are well-prepared and stay safe during this storm. Please be mindful that our staff must also have time to prepare their homes and families to be safe during this major category storm that will likely make landfall over this Labor Day weekend.  We will do our best to ensure normal operations are resumed as soon as it is safe and prudent to do so.

Jupiter Bay Property Management. Retrieved 2019-08-31.