Hurricane Preparations in Jupiter Bay Property Management

 As of Friday, August 31, 2019, the most current information at the time from the National Weather Service was that Hurricane Dorian, a major hurricane, was approaching the east coast of Florida with predictions of landfall sometime between Sunday and Monday afternoon. According to plan, our hurricane preparations, which include discontinuing elevator service, were finalized and put into place by our staff, prior to the start of the Labor Day holiday weekend. The decisions made were based on the most accurate information available on Friday afternoon to ensure all safety measures that could be implemented were put into place in the best interest of our residents, staff, and property.

Now as of this is Sunday morning, Hurricane Dorian has reached 180mph, a Category 5 Status, which is the most catastrophic level for a hurricane. This hurricane is very unpredictable and our Jupiter Bay area falls well within the designated cone of uncertainty. Mandatory Evacuations have been ordered by Palm Beach County for residents of Zones A and B. Jupiter Bay is included in Zone B.

All hurricane preparations we’ve carried out have been done so with the intent that as soon as it is safe and prudent to resume normal operations, we will do so. The Board appreciates your patience and understanding and we apologize for any inconveniences that you have experienced so that we may be prepared for this major hurricane. Our wish is for everyone to remain safe and sound.

Jupiter Bay Property Management. Retrieved 2019-09-01