Property Management

Property management differs from being a rental agent. A rental agent merely finds tenants for properties and collects a fee for the service, but usually does not manage the property once the tenant has been located. A property manager’s responsibilities include locating tenants, collecting rents, handling the payment of taxes, insurance, and other operating expenses, maintaining records, and scheduling maintenance. Ultimately, the function of good property management is to protect the owner’s investment while maximizing the profitability.





SF Properties

7 – 15 % of Gross Income1

10 – 15 % of Gross Income1

Operations Management
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Advanced Marketing
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Janitorial Services
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Project Management
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Comprehensive Internet Marketing
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1 These numbers are estimates and may vary for each property depending on its size and manageability. Please contact us for a quote.



We offer discounts and free management to clients who use our brokerage services.