REMINDER: Do Not Discard any items from the Balcony at City Place South Tower

It is illegal to discard or throw anything from the balconies.

No Unit Owner or occupant shall permit anything to fall from a window or door of the Condominium or Association Property, nor sweep or throw from the Condominium or Association Property any dirt or other substance onto any of the balconies, patios, terraces, and/or lanais or elsewhere in the Building or upon the Common Elements. Each Unit Owner shall be responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and their guests, tenants and invitees when within the Condominium or Association property, including, without limitation, placing all trash and/or garbage in the proper receptacles.

No occupant shall throw, sweep or permit any substance including cigarettes, cigarette ends, cigars, embers, water, etc. to fall from a balcony or door of the Property. Any person or unit suspected of such criminal misconduct will be reported to the authorities. Furthermore, perpetrators will be issued violations and fines.

Not only is discarding anything from a balcony illegal, but it is also extremely dangerous to your fellow neighbors of the floors below.

Please remember that you will be held responsible for the behavior of your guests.

REPEAT: DO NOT toss or throw cigarette ends from the balconies. Always fully extinguish all cigarettes and cigars properly.

If you’re keeping an ashtray for cigarette ends on your balcony, bear in mind that it gets WINDY (especially this time of year) on the balconies and the contents of the ashtrays are likely to be blown out and onto the balconies and terraces of the Units below you.

CityPlace South Tower Association’s Property Management Team. Retrieved 2021-09-20.