Rent or Own a Rental Condo in Jupiter Bay

Jupiter Bay is a resort style community comprised of comfortable, well-kept condos. Jupiter Bay is an excellent option for long-term and short-term rentals because they offer flexible rental rates and regulations. For example, while they do have pet restrictions, there is an option to include pets in some units. The resort offers a variety of different sized accommodations which can be appropriate for families as well. This 1,000 sq.ft. condo is situated across from one of the resort’s two heated pools, and it is just a short walk to the beach. If you’re looking for a rental property that is certain to garner a solid return on investment, consider a resort like Jupiter Bay. You can hire a professional property management company like us to help you manage your rental property from afar.

Jupiter Bay

Investing in Jupiter

Jupiter is a great location to consider if you are a property investor. Jupiter Bay, for example, is a great option to invest in because it allows you to acquire a lucrative property within a popular complex. Due to the scale of the property, you will be more likely to rent your condo on a daily basis to people who move around to locations on a consistent basis. Another benefit of owning in a complex like Jupiter Bay is that a property manager generally charges only 20% of your gross income to care for the property. By contrast, if you owned a room in a hotel, like at the Marriot on Singer Island, an in-house property manager would charge a significantly higher amount of your gross income, in some cases up to 65%.

If you’re looking to locate the ideal rental property, think outside the box and consider less frequently advertised areas like Jupiter. Small towns have lots to offer if you’re looking to invest in a lucrative property. If you’re looking to connect with a professional property management company familiar with the area, connect with us at FPB Investment Properties Inc., we would be happy to share our expertise.


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