Restaurant Update at Jupiter Bay Property Management

We are pleased to report that the count of the votes received for repainting both the Westside Pool Restroom Building and the Maintenance Building with the same color blue to match the lighter blue color selected for the Twisted Tuna Restaurant passed in the affirmative with the final tally:
Westside Pool Restroom Building 292 Yes votes and 4 No votes
Maintenance Building 291 Yes votes and 7 No votes
Painting is underway, starting with the roof of the Twisted Tuna Restaurant so far. A big “Thank you” to everyone who voted!
The Twisted Tuna Restaurant and the Town of Jupiter seem to have worked out all of the permit processing glitches they have encountered over the summer and are looking forward to beginning renovations and remodeling of the restaurant, hopefully as soon as the next week. There were some changes to plans and sewer lines needed to be moved to relocate the bathrooms in order to open up the floor plan of the interior. Anytime changes are made, they have to be resubmitted for approval of permits. Twisted Tuna is anticipating it should only take 6-7 weeks of work to do the renovations once they get started.

Jupiter Bay Property Management. Retrieved 2019-10-15.