Resuming of Concrete Inspections in Jupiter Bay

Dear Jupiter Bay Owners,

Starting on Monday, September 21, 2020, at 9:00 A.M. Swaysland Engineering will resume the second part of phase 1 of the Concrete Restoration Project. This will involve the inspection of a 50% random sampling of balconies that will be conducted throughout the community, including the East and West sides and the Villas. This process will take a minimum of 10 days. Additionally, there is a list of units that we have identified that have evidence of spalling that will be given to the Engineers to include in this inspection.

The Engineer’s inspection of the balconies must be conducted inside the unit. This process should take only 7-12 minutes per unit. All of the staff will be gloved and masked at all times when inside the units. Jupiter Bay Management staff will accompany and remain during the time they are inside the units conducting their inspection.

After the data from the Engineer’s findings is compiled and analyzed, the Engineer will determine which units are among the highest priority for repairs. Once this is determined, the information will be shared with unit owners before we start the concrete restoration process.

Jupiter Bay Homeowners Association News. Retrieved 2020-09-16.