Rewards and Challenges of Being a Landlord in Palm Beach

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Being a landlord in Palm Beach is a rewarding experience. It takes a lot of work to seek out your perfect rental property. Perhaps you have spent money to upgrade your rental, and you have connected with a property management company in Palm Beach. You are a tenacious property owner, and you hope to find the perfect tenant to fill your rental. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into managing your rental property, but the benefits outweigh the challenges – and you cannot argue with the bonus of some extra income.

While there are many benefits to owning and managing a property in Palm Beach, you are sure to face some challenges as a landlord. One of the most pressing problems you may experience is evicting a tenant from your property.

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Evicting a Tenant in Palm Beach

As a property owner in Palm Beach, you must be aware that some rules and guidelines govern your rights as a landlord as well as your tenant’s rights. Familiarizing yourself with the laws which govern tenant’s rights in Florida is an essential component of owning a property in Palm Beach.

It is disappointing when a tenant breaches their rental terms. When a tenant fails to comply with your expectations, you may want to throw a tenant out right away. However, you do not have the legal right to evict a tenant right away. Tenancy rights in Florida govern the landlord/tenant relationship in Palm Beach, and due process must be followed, even if you feel like acting right away. Make sure to comply with tenancy expectations to avoid legal penalties and liability issues.


Lawful Eviction in Palm Beach

Tenants who do not pay their rent or fail to comply with their side of the lease agreement can be a headache for landlords. While you may want to take matters into your own hands, there are several laws and guidelines you must follow to evict a tenant properly. Avoid actions such as changing locks on a tenant’s unit, removing the door from a flat, intercepting utilities, or any other activity that would make an apartment unliveable for a tenant. These are all considered “self-help” eviction and are prohibited by Florida law. When a tenant and a landlord enter into a rental relationship, they are governed under The Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act found in the Florida Statutes at Part II, Chapter 83. To be an effective landlord, you must become familiar with these documents to know your rights and the rights of your tenants.

Hire a Lawyer and a Property Management Company

Reading through tenancy law can be a tedious process. Most property owners in Palm Beach are busy people with lives, and they do not have an abundance of time to sift through law documents. When a tenant violates their tenancy agreement, we recommend contacting a tenancy lawyer right away. A tenancy lawyer can walk you through the eviction process, so you are aware of due process while also understanding your rights as a property owner in Palm Beach.

Hiring a property management company can also assist you in managing potential conflicts. When you work with a property management company like FPB Investment Properties you can rest assured that we will help you to find the appropriate tenant for your Palm Beach rental so you can avoid the eviction process and focus on securing the benefits of your rental property.


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