San Matera March 2019 News

Building repairs are currently underway. Remember to follow the rules and regulations.

As the summer heat returns to our beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, San Matera Management reminds residents charcoal, gas, propane, and/or hibachi BBQ grills are not allowed on San Matera property at any time as per the condominium documents. Electric grills (i.e. George Foreman, Char-Broil, Hamilton, Cuisinart, etc.) are the only acceptable grill style allowed on patios, balconies, and lanai.

If you are installing curtains, blinds, or window treatments in your home, please remember the exterior facing portion must be either white or off/white in order to keep a clean and continuous appearance for the community. During construction you are responsible for removing your curtains, blinds, and window treatments in order for the construction crew to properly do their scheduled scope of work. We understand residents still require their privacy. You may put up a temporary covering (i.e. bed sheet, stick on curtain) between work dates in order to keep your home’s privacy certain. IKEA sells a window shade that residents can use as a temporary covering.


Quick Tips

• Toilets: Check your flow valves to ensure there is no constant running water and
to prevent blown lines.

• HVAC: Change air filters quarterly to ensure clean air flow to your unit.

• Water Heater: Most shut off valves are still original to the community. Make
arrangements to update them to prevent leaks. Water heater’s life expectancy is
8-12 years, remember to check your water heater’s age!

• Front Door Maintenance: Front door thresholds are low; updating door sweeps
will help prevent dirt build up and water from entering the unit through the


San Matera the Gardens Management Team. Retrieved 2019-03-19.