Twisted Tuna opening and F-West Parking at Jupiter Bay

The Twisted Tuna is finally open for business. We are excited and are happy to report that the Grand Opening has been a success. With the addition of the Twisted Tuna to our Community, we are looking forward to a cohesive relationship that promotes enjoyment as well as a harmonious tropical atmosphere for all our residents and tenants.

The Board of Directors has been fielding questions in regards to the parking process at the F-West building. The previous administration signed a contract with the Twisted Tuna allowing for some parking spaces on the back side of the west parking lot (Building F) for employee parking only.

The Board of Directors along with Property Management and the Twisted Tuna are working on a resolution on how we can make the parking for the F-west building more practical. The Twisted Tuna has agreed to put a decal in the bottom right of the windshield of their employee’s vehicles. This will help to identify employee vehicles and eliminate any confusion of patron’s vs employees, while ensuring that the Twisted Tuna is in compliance with the contract. There are some other options that are also being considered by the House Committee that very well could be implemented. If they are considered, they would be brought to the Members for discussion at a properly noticed Board Meeting.

Lastly, please keep in mind that the Twisted Tuna has only been open for 6 days. The Board of Directors along with the Twisted Tuna and Property Management is fully committed to making all the needed improvements to streamline the parking process.

Jupiter Bay Homeowners Association News. Retrieved 2020-09-28.