Valet/Shopping Cart Policy Update at City Place South Tower

Valet/shopping carts are for the convenience of all residents and their guests for use in transporting luggage, groceries, packages, and other items. Unfortunately, valet/shopping carts are consistently left in hallways, elevators, units, and the parking garage. At times there are no carts available for Valet or residents to transport their items.  In addition, some carts have permanently disappeared.  Consequently, with reluctance, all carts will be locked and require assistance from a staff member to be released.
      Please be advised of the following procedure:
  • Front Desk personnel in conjunction with valet monitor valet/shopping cart use.  Each cart is numbered 1-9 and logged in/out at the Front Desk. 
  • The log contains the unit #, name of resident/guest, cart # and time logged in/out. Please remember it is your responsibility to return to the Front Desk so that you are logged out.
  • The log is routinely monitored. If a cart is not returned within one (1) hour, Front Desk personnel are required to follow-up with the resident who last logged it out.
  • The new valet carts are notto be used for heavy furniture, e.g. beds, sofas, tables, etc. or the transport of building materials, e.g. sheet rock, boxes of tile, lumber, etc. The old valet carts are available for these purposes upon request.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this new procedure may cause.   However, for the benefit of all residents, this has become necessary.
CityPlace South Tower Association’s Property Management Team. Retrieved 2021-02-24.